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Masada, Dead Sea

by Mario
Day 7
If faith in you is still alive that we are normal people then now you will no longer have doubt that you are wrong:-). Because who normally wakes up as well as own child at 3:30 am, just only for watching the sunrise in the desert at the Masada, near the Dead Sea? Well, who? :-) It is also worth to mention that for good spot to watch we had to climb c.a. 470 m above the level of the Dead Sea (- 420 m below sea level). Not particularly high but when you consider our crew (pregnant woman + baby in a backpack), we beat the world record – 42 minutes.
We must admit that what we saw was worth climbing and each absurd waking up hour. Masada, on which were climbing, the legendary hill situated in the Judean Desert, on top of which the Jews defended themselves against the Romans in the year 73 AD. Finally, according to one legend all the defenders of Masada committed suicide. They did not want to get into Roman slavery. Therefore, Masada is almost sacred place for Jews and its name is, among others, in the oath which take Israeli soldiers ( “Masada will never fall again”).
Marianna entire 103-kilometers driving from Jerusalem to the desert slept. She also was sleeping during our climbing. She woke up perfectly just before sunrise. We wondered then how we would be able to keep her momentum throughout the day. She was rested, and our eyelids were so heavy at this time:-).
In the end it was not so bad, because later in the picturesque  Ein Gedi National Park we let her nearly for 30 minutes to play with the stones in one of the small waterfall in an oasis. The place does not only attract tourists. Due to the fact that this is one of the few green spaces in the area you can meet there many species of animals, for example: goats that leap through the trees or the rock hyrax (such a great funny guinea pig). We guarantee that if you go there with kids, for sure they will be delighted.
The last point of the day was the beach in the northern part of the Dead Sea. About the sea we will not write much – a lot of information can be found on the Internet. Unfortunately, two of the three of us did not glow with joy to this attraction. Mania mainly by the categorical prohibition of paddling the water, and Dad due to horrible entry into the water which could cause injuries. And we hope that we don’t have to explain how the salty water affects wounds :-).
In the evening, at the hostel, waiting for us one more attraction. Together with the other guests of Abraham we were preparing a common, traditional Shabbat dinner. Mania also helped (peeled chestnuts), but soon she got bored and started to eat carrots and putting from one place to another dishes. Dinner, apart from the obvious advantage – the food, was also for us a great experience in learning about Jewish culture and tradition.
Mania, despite fairly intensive day, she could not let it playing with other children in the hostel. Of course priority had pillows, but also she enjoyed a table football. We think we are slowly entering into this phase when Marianna during our trips will need peers. Thanks to that little John is on his  way to us:-).


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