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by Mario
We insisted that we must see the whales :-). In Chile, we had no lucky and we did not want to waste the next opportunity. In the vicinity of Akureyri there are many companies which offer the “trip to the whales”. The most popular destination is the village of Husavik to which we would have to go back unfortunately. Fortunately, you can also ship out from Akureyri. Initially, we planned to choose the first option, mainly because it is cheaper – 60 € vs 80 € per person. Eventually, we went on a boat in Akureyri. Our negotiating skills were useful again :-).
Promptly at 1:30 p.m. we sail out in search of whales on the waters of Eyjafjörður.
But we could not earlier don’t take the opportunity and visit the second largest in a number of inhabitants town in Iceland (17 thousand. people). Funny it seems, because it’s a bit as if we visited Ciechanów :-) – as generally we are not special fans of visiting the cities so the capital of the north did not impressed us. But it is worth to stop for a while at one of the local cafes. We dropped in to the cafe and a bookstore Eymundsson. As a souvenir from trips, we always try to buy a book for Mania. This time was no different. To Poland will return with us the book with the adventures of Moomin :-). In the cafe Mania discovered a wooden fire engine. We wanted to laugh when we looked at her, because she knew what to do with a steering wheel, and what sounds should be issued to mimic the driving habits. Amazing, but at the same time it is frightening how quickly she absorbs all :-). With her smile we already forgotten about the fact that we left most of our food supplies at Hallis’ home :-(.
On the boat we got as we have planned. We hadn’t to wait too long to see the fin of a diving humpback whale. During the three-hour trip we saw our companions several times. Initially Mania could not stop wondering why every now and then something black high out of the water, and everyone starts to shout and enjoy it as kids. But she needed only about an hour to transfer her interest towards the mothers’ milk :-). When we were coming down from the deck, Mania was already soundly asleep. We packed her in a child seat and moved on to Hofsos – tempted by the possibility of another bathing in the thermal pools.
Hofsos has about 200 inhabitants :-) and is a typical Icelandic “village” – quiet, peaceful and deserted. Although by the presence of these pools the town shows some signs of life. In fact, one gets the impression that the whole social life focuses around this one place. Mania was over the moon :-). Hot water, dad and mom nearby and the toys. What more could you want. Before the moment we entered the pools we were able to arrange the accommodation. The owner of the only shelters in the region proposed us a whole house for the price of one room :-). It’s amazing that we haven’t see the owner. The house was opened, the other day she asked us (by phone) to leave it in the same condition. Anyway, we even would not have to shut it down because we did not get the key :-). The only person that appeared, was a friend of the owner and she arrived with the mobile terminal :-). Here we think all have such devices :-). We spent the evening in a standard way. The dinner, photos, the guide and of course inexhaustible energy of our daughter, who allowed us to go to bed just before midnight.

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