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Family Apiary

by Mario
It’s 22:00, you open the door and enter, you are welcomed by hosts and you feel like at home. You already know that you will find place in which you will be regular guest. Quiet and cozy. It’s not often happens to us, but this kind of trips we like the most. In every minute we discovered the uniqueness of Siedlisko Pasieka, where we spent a May break (in Poland). Incredibly warm house running by parents of two children and a dog. They pursue dreams and the idea of home with soul and for sure not for the masses and profits. Martha and Tom know where they want to be in a few years and how they imagine sharing with us and you, their home.
It was Inspiring to chat with them in the evenings with accompanying glass of wine, when Mania and Jas slept. The prove that sometimes it is worth tighten the belt and do not be afraid of chasing dreams About what it is really important in life. Or about why sometimes it is more important giving up something  for further goal.
Their home (renovated by themselves nineteenth-century building) is in the midst of meadows, forests and farmlands in Warmia, 20 km from Olsztyn. GPS leads on gravel road to the three road bars and announces that we are on the spot.  Next day we asked owners why they do not put the sign there that in next hundred meters away is their Pasieka, they answer was: “And what for? Someone could be interested and even knock to the door”:-)
In Pasieka we were with friends who also have children. Three days noises, looking after kids, conversations, jokes, walks in the meadows, riding in a wheelbarrow and on a scooter (Mania comprehend quickly usage of scooter!), And yet we left rested and with charged battery. Well, maybe our Makaron was not completely happy – after the first day spent in pond, the next day he got a ban on free running. Additionally, he survived a massive pincer attack – we took off from him over 50 arachnids.
This trip realized us that you can have a nice time just lazing without worrying about anything (Martha with Tom cook simply blinding! And they make cheese, jam and produce honey and various other things). It’s nice to get away from it all and everybody, just stay with each other. Once again, we felt that it is fun to be together.

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