by Mario
In the morning we had to return the car because the amount of money we had was dwindling. However, if you want to see a little more of the south, and the whole nature, unfortunately the car is necessary :-(, you can also pay for package holidays, which are organized by the agencies. Traveling on your own is very difficult, because transport in and around Puerto Montt and also to and from national parks / landscape is very poor. If you want to visit some places, it is necessary to camp in the park, on what we were not prepared.
All this prompted us to visit that day Frutillar – former German village, which was located  1.5 hours away from Puerto Montt. In the town you can still feel some of German spirit. In the neighboring pubs you can eat bratwurst or see on the balconies of houses a garden gnome figurine. Frutillar itself is very picturesque, but it is not for us a “Must see” place. Although after a day of exploring Chiloe we needed a day to regenerate. We strolled along the beach watching Osorno in the distance :-), we visited the local theater on the water and the open-air museum of German settlement. This last mentioned thing is the local attraction (2500 CLP ~ 15 PLN / pers.), worth visiting, although when we look at “European”, “our” sightseeings it does not make a great impression.
That day we also planned to finally see Puerto Varas, which we have been treated more in terms of a stop in further voyages. The city positively impressed us, although there is no much to see. However, we felt somehow much “warmer” than in Puerto Montt. We were going to come back to Puerto Varas the next day on the way back from Santos del Petrohue.

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