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by Mario
Although Mania again was up about 7 a.m., we didn’t really hurry up to set off :-). Fortunately, we have plenty of time to travel slowly. After lazy breakfast we got into the car, we looked through guidebooks again and decided that after a busy day before, today would have a much calmer day.
The main road in Iceland, which is number 1, on the south-west part practically runs along the coast. Without a good 4×4 car there is no place where you can really  escape from the main road. Besides, because of the weather most of the internal roads are closed. Due to tough road condition we failed to reach Thorsmork, where the famous trekking trail-Laugavegurinn starts. On this webside http://www.vegagerdin.is/english you can check¸ which roads are passable and which are closed.
About 15 km from Hella – our camping – we reached the tiny settlement Keldur, where some of the oldest peat houses in Iceland are preserved. The village, which is a kind of museum, gives the impression of a completely extinct place. We did not meet anyone there, except one tourist who asked us to take a photo :-).
After another 15km we stopped next to Seljalandfoss waterfall, which can not be unnoticed from “1”, well, unless you sleep as Mania which is her habit while travelling by car :-). This is one of the famous waterfalls, behind which – by favorable circumstances – you can pass.  Unfortunately, we could not do it, because everything around the waterfall was covered with a thick layer of ice. Mania, taking advantage of the lack of wind, seeing the sun and a piece of land covered with grass, started unloading her energy gathered in the car: crawling, put her first small-big steps and got to know taste of Icelandic stones :-).
Instead of entering behind the waterfall we climbed up on its top. Peace and quiet, the sun, the sound of water and horizon tend to stop for a while. This “while” stretched up to two hours :-).
Time in Iceland flows somehow different. Maybe it is because of the short nights. The sun goes down here about 10:40 p.m., and it gets dark after midnight. As a result, you have more time to explore. It is a pity that ability to explore does not increase respectively :-).
During this day we wanted to see also another waterfall, Skógafoss – 62-meter giant, which is an attraction of Skógar. The waterfall makes an electrifying impression. We were very lucky, because the sun was shining and some smaller and larger rainbows were created.
Beautiful weather and moderate wind led us to set up tent for the first time. Unfortunately, still the temperature was below 0 degrees at night. We had a lot of concerns, but did not want to pay for a hostel 80€ per night (tip: in dormitories it’s not allowed to stay with baby). Hot water in the shower (with a rather intense smell of rotten eggs :-) – such a charms of geothermal water) and the location of the campground (right next to the waterfall!) helped us make the decision. The tent was set up in 5 minutes, we got the gas on the cooker light, set the water for hot tea and purchased the food. Mania with Carolin were in a sleeping bag, I was in the another one. Bundled up with our hats, Mania with hot-water bottle, which was a gift from her grandmother, we fell asleep quite quickly.

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