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by Mario
We Poles have a particular fondness for this city. We still perceive Lviv as lost part of Poland, part dressed now in other clothes – yellow and blue. My notion about ​​Lviv was, as I think about it now, burdened with images of Ukraine in the war. Hardly anyone wonder where in fact Lviv is in the Ukraine, important was information is there still a war. Even our friends when we mention that we’re going to Lviv raised question, “is there safely?”. Yes, it’s safe and life goes there normally.
Accommodation we had found day before via Couchsurfing. About how looked our way to Lviv you can read here. Finally Natasha’s apartment we reached after 21:00. Mania had already been clearly tired of our adventures at the crossing, in addition: new place, late hour annoyed her even more. Eventually she felt asleep for over an hour of yowling. One thing helped, our presence with her. 
In the morning after crying there was no sign – Mania woke up in quite joyful and “curious” mood. We were not loughing at all,  after I saw the breakfast prepared by Natasha. We have to mention that Natasha moved to Lviv two weeks earlier and by the time non-stop hosted couchsurfers. There would be nothing wrong, except that she could eventually go for a little shopping – the only knife that she had in apartment, was rusty and originally used to cut the wallpaper :-). It was perhaps the most surprising breakfast we’ve ever had. Natasha served us cold, overcooked rice with fried turkey’s hearts, covered cold melted cheese. Pretty sophisticated combination, quite apart from its taste. Only Mania enjoyed the meal :-). Seriously, Mania with great enthusiasm was eating cold rice, because neither hearts nor the cheese, hard as rock, was able to bite (so were we:-)). As a beverages we had to pick between Ukrainian beer or a cup of hibiscus tea :-). All, except of Natasha, had chosen tea:-). Few minutes before breakfast we had met Philip, Couchsurfer from Serbia. He was not able to appreciate the breakfast proposal Natasha too. Philip did not touch basically nothing but rice :-).
To not waste more time we went to the old town district. Our adventure began at 9, starting from the Commander’s embankment (Adam Mickiewicz monument). At this time the city was waking up to life. Most of the shops were still closed, and we desperately looked for coffee :-). A few hours later, we did sightseeing most of the monuments and places of the Old City. Due to the fact that we were in Ukraine by car. We brought with us baby stroller. Once again we conviced ourselves that it hinders more than helps. Several times I had to carried it up and down on the stairs or fight in an unequal battle with the cobbled streets of Lviv.
Finally we left Lviv at 16 o’clock. Quite early I have to admit, but we were aware that the road to the border and enter the Poland may take more than 5 hours. It was not so bad – before 20:00 o’clock we reached  Zamosc, where we stayed at the house of Carolina’s family for one night.

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Trzy Włóczykije - o jednych takich co lubili przygody December 7, 2015 - 09:04

Czytałam tę waszą przeprawę na granicy i cieszę się, że my na Ukrainę wjechaliśmy autokarem z wycieczką, a potem odłączyliśmy się od grupy i zwiedzaliśmy większość zabytków na własną rękę. Na granicy w jedną stronę staliśmy 2h, w stronę powrotną: 1h30min. Nie tak źle:-) Ale Lwów jest bajowy choć mocno zaniedbany.


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