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On the way to Jerusalem

by Mario
Day 6
Finally, we have the opportunity to sightseeing “must see” spots of Nazareth during the day. Unfortunately, both in the night and day the city does not make good impression. Frankly there are not much “must see” spots in Nazareth. We visited the Basilica of the Annunciation and did some shopping in the Old Town.
Thanks to the free walking trip on the first day we knew that we had to back to the old mill for spices. The place is quite poorly marked, as you can see in the pictures. Inside the shop we spent more than 30 minutes, mostly because we were invited to back of the store for delicious Arabic coffee. Mania  went crazy at the sight of countless types of jellies. Fortunately, no one wouldn’t mind when Mania help herself with jelly or roasted green peas.
At this point we want to write something that in times of immigrants crisis in Europe, and especially in Israel is very passe. Arabs are far more open to people, tourists than the Jews (in general). We intentionally do not use the word “Israelites”, because for part of them citizenship doesn’t cause that they feel belonging to Israel. After those two weeks we are not surprised, but this is a story on a separate thread.
After three days we have spent in Nazareth we might say that we became recognizable in the area near hostel. So recognizable that evening walking through the Old Town ended with invitation to smoke some weed :-). Nevertheless we felt very safe. It was hard for us to accept the proposal. W We have reason to believe that Mana wouldn’t not fall in love with the smell, and John in Karolina’s belly would feel at least surprised :-).
We had left Nazareth and charming Fauzi Azar Inn and went to Jerusalem. Not directly to Jerusalem because on the way we barge into extinct at this time of year, Tiberias and the place (one of the two – it gives food for thought), it would seem particularly important for Christians, namely, the place of Jesus’ baptism.
Israel is a very good example that religion is a goods for sell and you can make money on it. We could not resist the feeling that the people who come to the Jordan River to renew baptism or accept it only treat it as one of many tourist attractions and make it more for fun and photos, than for the inner need. Fortunately we did not stay too long on the banks of the River Jordan.
In Jerusalem, we showed up in the late afternoon. This pretty intense time in northern Israel exhausted us so much that we decided to spend the evening at the Abraham Hostel. In addition, the next day will require from us a decent rest and strength. However Mania claimed quite different and again start playing between the cushions on which she threw with all her strength and hammocks next to which she screamed “s(w)ay.” Finally all of need five minutes to fall asleep :-).

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