by Mario
Day 9
We arrived to the apartment of Dorothy late in the evening. We only had some time and strength to make a plan for the next day.
The choice fell on Parque Nacional Vicente Perez Rosales – we go to the volcano Osorno. To get there from Puerto Montt we had to catch two buses. The stop in Puerto Varas, we had a little bit longer than we planned because the driver even though I asked him to give us a signal when we have to get out but he simply forgot about us :-). It got late and we decided to go directly to the volcano, skipping Saltos de Pterohue (low rushing waterfalls on the Rio Petrohue) on the way.  Even the road to the volcano seemed incredible to us, but what we saw on arrival exceeded our expectations. We could feel we used this word too often, but it’s because Chile really is so incredible.  Each place we visited was different, had something special, unique, spectacular. When we think about Mania, we can’t wait the time when she is going to be a little older and we will tell her about everything she have seen and where she travelled. Because she wouldn’t probably remember this moments. The memory is not here the most important thing, but the fact that we are here together and that we are experiencing it together. Traveling with Mania has not changed the way we travel but it has changed the perception of what we have at the hand reach, and what we – as adults – simply do not notice in the world around us.
But  let’s back to our story. As soon as we got out of the Microbus immediately occurred to us to associate to Tolkien novel. On the one hand snowy peak Osorno, on the other lake Todos Los Santos, and in the middle we :-). As suggested by Dorothy the first steps were directed to a tiny harbor, for 3000 CLP ~ 24 zł per person we spent 30 minutes in a little boat floating on the lake, admiring the majestic volcano on the other side.
You can climb at the volcano. However, this is more dangerous than climbing the Villarica volcano in Pucon. This time, we haven’t even asked anyone specifically about such a possibility. We decided to go hiking at the foothills of Osorno. Dorothy warned us against possible crowds in the Park, and additionally in Chile that day was a holiday and prolonged weekend. The crowds were gone, and on the same path we met maybe a total of three people. Only later, Miguel explained to us that Chileans do not like the sport activities and it was easy to notice.
We knew that we did not have enough time to go all the way, and that is why after about four kilometers we turned on the way back – we returned going by the beach. The photos can mirror some of the great views that we saw, but for  sure you can not feel the peace and quiet, the isolation that we felt. If you happen to be around Puerto Varas / Montt  you should visit this place, it is really worth seeing.

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