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Rosh HaNikra and Acre

by Mario
Day 5
After day of biblical places today we want to spend time in the nature. The plan is ambitious because from Nazareth we want to get almost to the border with Lebanon, to the caves named Rosh HaNikra. It is not an easy task because there is no direct connection by public transport. We will have to change twice. One in Acre and another in Nahariya, a small city in midway. We have found that it will be a good moment to check whether trips offered by Abraham Tours are worth to take or not, in terms of finances.
Everything went great, after two hours we have been just 11km to the caves. Unfortunately, Rosh ha-Nikra is not perfectly communicated with Nahariya. At the central bus station, it turned out that we must wait two and a half hour for bus to Rosh ha-Nikra. We could not afford to it, because on the same day we want to also visit the ancient Akko. We hadn’t other option than catch a taxi. 15 minutes later,  we got to the spot. It cost us 12€.
To the caves leads only one way – a short cable car down to the cliff.  This is the steepest funicular railway in the world (60°). Just like most things in Israel entrance to it costs quite a lot – 10€ per person. Mania seeing two colorful wagons, start bouncing and smiling. It’s amazing how our travel is changing  as our child gets older. She completely changed our priorities and ultimately we are pleased more when Mania is smiling and happy than for instance during visiting the caves, which we must admit are a nice break from the religious sites.
Mania was happy because we had had two cable car ride, but more important at this time was question, how to come back to the city?! :-). Bus stop is easy to find but without schedule. Knowing frequency of bus departure, we assumed that we probably have to wait long time. A taxi also was out of the question. Decision was made. It’s time for Mania’s first hitch-hiking :-). It took us … 3 minutes. The guy who stopped was gasoline tradesman. His work is primarily based on driving around the surrounding region, due to this he decided to give us a lift to Akko. We also had the opportunity to get know a little bit more about daily life in Israel. Always during these kind of conversations, we felt that we have to think twice before asking any questions because it is easy to change quickly mood of our interlocutor. Remember that the conflict is still alive there and for sure peace won’t appear soon.
Akko was probably the best city in Israel which we have visited. Climatic, lively, with narrow cobbled streets. We had felt the atmosphere in the air. Undoubtedly our impression was enhanced by amazing sunset seen from the ramparts near marina. We regretted that we hadn’t got more time to stay there. Especially that Acre welcomed us with an amazing humus and falafel. The best one which we have ever eaten in Israel.
We must admit that we are not fans of the organized trips. And we will not be fans of  them after Israel. We still prefer to bemore flexible during our trips. However, it should be said out laud that after counting the cost of our trip, it turns out that the amount spent per person is similar to what charge the Abraham Tours, the difference is that we were not in Haifa, because we had not enough time to do this.

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