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We write because we like it

by Mario
Virtual reality is filled with an infinite number of blogs on varied subjects. Starting from how to plant a flower, through travel, and ending with hairstyling. Everyone find something for everyone, that’s for sure.
At  the time when blogging was in its infancy, I thought it’s a little strange phenomenon: who, in general, creates blogs and why ? Does anyone read blogs? Who would have thought that a few years later i’ll start to blog and share my experience with “all over the Internet” :-).
Since we have become part of the blogging world (participating in bloggers meetings, belonging to different groups on FB), more often is comming back to me question “what and for who?”. I get the impression, of course I could be wrong, that 70% of blogs in their aim have profits. Not necessarily profit expressed in money: in building popularity, recognition or other non cash profits. Is this a bad thing? Well, it depends. If we are really good in what we do. Probably benefits will be the result of the fact that we blog, and the blog is not the result that we want to make money on it.
At that moment I figured out  that we have never written clearly what is the purpose of existence of our blog. Well…
The first thing that comes to mine mind is that Mania in few years will read how “irresponsible” were her parents. Who knows, maybe she will begin to write futher our blog?!
Secondly we write because when we are looking for information about some country to our travles very rarely we can find ready “recipe” for trip or something that could be a basis for further modification. You may have noticed that our expeditions are described day after day. Tentatively we call these entries “version for the lazy”.
Our long term goal is to show  parents of other children that it is easy, it’s worth, nay ! you must.
Well, first of all: we write simply because we like it :-).
And finally. We do not deny that if one day someone will like what we do and recognize that it is worth, for example to take us to the other end of the world or to give us to try out the latest model ultra litght  family tent, we wouldn’t say no. It would probably even quite nice :-).

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