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ICELAND – worth or not?

by Mario
Just now we realized that we have not written the most important blog entry after our trip to Iceland, namely: whether or not to go with the child to Iceland? :-) This question is arised in your e-mails to us. So it is time to catch up our neglect.
So the answer is: sure, it’s worth it! Each piece of this magical island delights. You will sightseeing stick to car’s window :-) with mouth wide open, wondering how something like what you see outside was created by nature. Landscapes are truly breathtaking.
Nature is the main attraction in Iceland, but on the other hand, also it is its curse. The weather can be so whimsical that it divest willingness to get out from a warm sleeping bag. We were lucky – we experienced only wind. I must admit that we can not imagine adding to it rain :-). This conbination could ruin all adventure.
How, therefore, survive with child on the island of ice and fire? This will require from you a little bit more effort and advance preparation. By the fact that a lot of time is spent in the car, your little one must a) like to ride in a car; b) you have to be creative :-). This second feature is also useful when organizing your child time as you reach spot where you want to stay. Although often after all day sightseeing, we were so tired that immediately jumped into sleeping bags.
Journey to Iceland will also require from you thinking aheaf for instance about what you will eat. Previously prepared menu is crucial if you do not want to go bankrupt. Adult may eat “anything” if there will be nothing on hand, but the child shouldn’t eat instant soup :-).
Those are probably the most important things. Besides Iceland is so true solitude (at least it was in May, just before the high season). It’s time for us and only for us. The perfect place for reset and escape from the daily pursuit. 

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