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by Mario
Day 13
The last point of our trip – Reykjavik! The day before via the http://citywalk.is/  we booked a free, two-hour tour of the capital, which was to start at 2 p.m. To reach the meeting place it was necessary to get to the town hall in the centre of Reykjavik. We did not want to use the public transport. Instead, we decided to have a walk. It seemed to us that from Hugrun to the centre it is quite close – but by car and under condition that you will not get lost :-). The way to the “town” took us one and a half hours. We wanted to give Mania a rest of the sling and we borrowed the buggy from Hugrun. That was the only place in Iceland where the buggy actually works.
Before we got to the meeting point we had to drink something and regenerate ourselves a little bit. Mania also belonged already changing a nappy. A place that met all of our expectations turned out to be a café C is for Cookie. We were so well that we did not want to leave, but the time did not allow us to enjoy the delicious coffee for too long. On the guide tour we arrived at the last minute.
We were lucky because of all available tours of this type we came across an excellent guide. Unfortunately Mania – feeling perhaps that there were our last moments on the island – was a little whiner from the very morning. Although she fell asleep during the walk it hasn’t changed much. She woke up just in time for the start of touring,  with “charged batteries” and a lack of desire to spend the time in a buggy.
You probably can imagine that our attention focused mainly on her of course with appropriate incentives from our daughter (scream, cry), hence we haven’t took enough advantage of the whole trip.
After all, we would highly recommend to you this way of sightseeing of the bigger cities and not only in Iceland. You will learn things that are not necessary in the guide, you will meet other travellers and if you are lucky enough they would fly you to the other places, or some intriguing attraction which you previously didn’t plan to visit. Always at the end of such sightseeing you should leave a tip for a guide, for his time and an imparted knowledge – even symbolic one.
The way back home, we went also on foot. But this time it went much better because after an hour we were at Hugrun. To sum up, Reykjavik does not impress or let say it that way the town didn’t impressed us and we think it is better to see Reykjavik at the beginning of the trip to Iceland and then it can only be better.
The quick packing and despite the lack of any particularly heavy souvenirs and food that we had from Poland the backpacks seemed to be still crammed and heavy. Packed, the car fully tanked – we are ready to return. We arrived at the airport in Keflavik around 10 p.m. and nearly 24 hours later we welcomed homeland.
It was wonderful, phenomenal and also very challenging. We learned a lot, we met our new boundaries. However, the greatest honour for us of this trip are the words of our parents, who when learned about the idea of sleeping in a tent and when they saw the pictures from our trip :-) they told us that from now we’re not tourists anymore but we are the travellers :-).

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