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by Mario
Day 12
Stykkisholmur, like probably every other town in Iceland is very sleepy. Although this town a little bit stands out among the other ones, probably by the proximity to the capital and vehicular access (especially by buses with Asian tourists :-)).
Again we have been unpleasantly surprised to find out that the shops are open from 11 o’clock. This forced us to shop at the local bakery, which quite clearly reduced our budget.
The atmosphere of the town clearly started to give us, because quite lazily we set off to explore Stykkisholmur. We also must not deceive ourselves, there aren’t too many tourist attractions that the town offers :-). It is definitely worth to go on a promontory surrounding of the harbor where you can find the lighthouse of a minimal size. This is the main attraction of the city, one can infer this from the row of parked buses which take tourists. In our case, we passed a large group of tourists from Singapore.
After finishing a tour in a harbor, it was a time to move to the capital. We are just going round the great Icelandic circle. For about 200 km we will close it and our journey will be nearly finished.
Just like the first day (night) in Iceland we will be the guests of Hugrun and her family. But before that happens, we have the desire and time to find our bearings with the town.  An only small exploration of the town, because the next day we plan to go on a free tour of Reykjavik with a guide. We head our steps towards the old harbor. Here we find a quite distinctive building – a cultural centre of Harpa. Its facade is created by a numerous glass surfaces, which, depending on the incident light sparkle with different coluors. In front of the building Mania could not resist to meet the new animals – the ducks :-). They were basking in the sun. The entrance to the centre ended up with nearly thirty minutes in a gift shop. We left the place with a budget reduced by 3000 ISK (~ 20 €), but with a big poster in hand.
We get to Hugrun late in the afternoon. We were hosted so great. First of all we ate our second home-made dinner in Iceland. Probably you wonder why we mention this fact again, but we really missed a good home-made food.
Hult, a daughter of Hugrun took an hour to convince to Mania but ultimately it ended in hugging. The girls probably started to like each other :-).

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