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by Mario
Day 11
Although the tent was in the car trunk, and we spent the night in the hostel, before leaving we decided to visit the beach of western fjords, which were recommended in our guide and see what we have lost. To get to Melanes, we had to go back about 40 km. Despite the encouraging descriptions of the beach it looks exactly like the one in Breidaviku. With one difference – right next to the beach there was a black church. Very often you will see in Iceland black buildings. It even occurred to us the question why no one builts the buildings in such a colour in Poland or in the other countries of the old continent.
We end our adventure with western fjords and to the capital we have about 400 km and  before we get to Reykjavik we can allowed ourselves for one more stop. Unfortunately, one day is not enough to get to the National Park Snæfellsjökull. Therefore, we had to decide where can we stop earlier. We did not want to drive too much of the kilometers , and our choice fell on Stykkisholmur. A port town from the nineteenth century with the colourful houses in the Norwegian style. Once again our choice was a very good one. Pretty soon we found a real nice place to sleep. The Sjonarholl hostel is situated on a hill with a nice view of the harbor and the surrounding area. Originally we wanted to splurge and go out for a dinner in the restaurant. Far-sightedly we checked the prices of the dishes from the menu. Ultimately it ended up that we cooked the dinner in the hostel :-).

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