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by Mario
Day 9, 10, 11
Eventually! We have time for Jerusalem. It’s almost impossible being in Israel and omit this city. It’s worth to step by even for one day. Jerusalem might be sightseeing in various ways. We will not bore you with spots which we visited because it is simply a set of “must see” in Jerusalem, which you will find easily in any guidebook. Instead of we will focus more on the city itself.
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Multicultural of the city is felt from miles, it is also noticeable. Depending quarter of the Old City attitude of locals to us has changed radically. Of course, the greatest disparities feel between the Muslim and the Jewish quarter. Those first are open, smiling, noisy and joyful. Those second, in turn, are the meek, well-organized and distrustful. The presence of Mania didn’t change fundamentally the approach to us. On the question of random person in the Old Town about bus number to the Mount of Olives. The answer was that there is no bus (although we know that is). It turned out that the bus is “Arab bus” and we were asking Jew. At the tram stop at the Yad Vashem museum, when it turned out that someone has left a backpack on a bench and the police came. First they evacuated whole tram stop (pushing people on the other side of the tracks:-)) no one wanted to help us get out of this part of town. Suddenly, everyone forgot that they are able to speak in English. Only one soldier was willing to help us back to the hostel.
When we write about the Yad Vashem, it is worth mentioning that the entry with children is forbidden. Our explanations that Mania just felt in sleep in baby carrier didn’t change a lot. Strangely for us was information from manager that we would get permission to enter if she slept in stroller. You must find yourself a logical explanation of this rule:-).
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Jerusalem is primarily a place of worship for each of the four religions present there. Fantastically was to experience the mix. Mix of religions, but also the sacred and the profane, where the combination wasn’t so much visible as in Bethlehem. Maybe it was also a matter of low season, and thus the lack of crowds visiting one or another church or running in a race called the Via Dolorosa. Delightfully was also a break from the hustle and stroll around the rooftops of the Old Town (ask locals about directions).
The most positive experience we had on the Temple Mount. We went to the square where the tourists (non Jews) can access only twice a day, for an hour. A huge area, where Mania found herself in a few seconds. She set up quickly and brief friendships which ensure her on the one hand candy, and on the other hand, a piece of challah, but above all a lot of fun with the ball and with another kids. When we telling this story to our family or even friends we often hear the question, Weren’t you afraid to let her go?! After all they are Muslims. The only way for us to respond is nothing more than a smile :-). It is amazing how much ingrained in us is the fear of something that we do not know or understand.
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Initially, we supposed to be in Jerusalem for four days, but the weather was very unpleasant. We decided to pack us up and set off on the last trip in Israel. The warm south here we come.

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