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Circle or square?

by Mario
One of the best consequences of having children is that you can finally go to places where it's hard to motivate yourself to go without kids, or to do things, that are just awkward or stupid to do by yourself.  rocking to the classical music during concert in the park, openly commenting on exhibition in the museum, wriggling and going out to take a pee during important meetings, rummaging through shelves in the kids bookstore (seriously, only for kids?), or playing inf front of the stage at harvest festival at your grandparents (you dance with your child in front of the stage and nobody cares,  nobody cares either when you start to sing loudly with the kids.
We like showing Mania things, that are important to us. Things, that we would like her to enjoy as well. The Moomins, The Lion King, music of The Lumineers. Travelling around the world, trying new things, appreciating what's here and now. We love watching Mania (and Jasiek slowly starts to) exploring the world, absorbing it, opening her mouth with surprise. She has this gleam in her eye, that happens when she is moved by something. These are the moments you catch with a blink of an eye and hide quickly in your pocket.
Last time it happened in the theatre.  We went to see a plain-air performance Circle or Square?  in Teatr Niewielki. The topic seems to be easy: which one is better, circle or square. Circle is sure, that he is better, while Square obviously disagrees. The dispute is intense, nobody want to agree with the other side. Kids are beeing pulled into settleing this argue wich is impossible to settle. Actors show a lot of examples where can you find circles and squares (some are obvious, some are not). Finally it turns out that friendship is more important than competition and a good fun wins.
We were watching Mania, at first distant, slowly starting to open up. How carefully she was listening what actors said, analising and drawing conclusions. How quietly she was answering the questions from the stage. How she started to participate actively in the performace, sat closer and finally at the end ran with the rest of the kids to play on the stage. And later, after the performance, she was searching in her surroundings for those circles and squares, finding them in places we least expect.
Performance is well prepared – it stimulates children's imagination, they vividly react on things that happen on stage. We noticed that, from time to time, Jasiek was bursting with laugh observing huge circles and squares moving through the garden and listening to actor's funny voices.
The place is really friendly as well, very nice staff (you can bring your dog, which will be pet as never before). Enjoy!

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