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Flying Dragon, Asia and Pacific Museum

by Mario
People have always been telling stories. Sharing their knowledge, experience, exchanging most important things. Children, while listening to these stories, were developing their imagination, learning to distinguish good from bad. Reality was created with words. Nowadays, when we are surrounded mostly by pictures, we lack this natural, direct contact with other person, which – like we believe – brings more to our lives.
For us, travelling are stories. Stories of people, places, time that they live in and memories that they carry. During our travels we open for new, we tame the unknown, we exchange our experiences, we find common moments.
Preparing for our travel to Asia we talk a lot to Mania (we hope Jaś listens as well). About what we are going to do, how will we commute, what will we see. What kind of people will we meet, what are we going to eat and where are we going to sleep. We are looking for opportunities for kids to learn by themselves what objects, sounds and scents are going to surround them.
That's why, as soon as we heard that in Asia and Pacific Museum we can listen to asian tales told by the true storyteller from „Karawana Opowieści”, we knew that we have to go there.
A long, long time ago lived a very rich emperor, who was dreaming about having a son. When he was born it turned out, that he is blind. Cruel emperor banished him from the palace. The boy didn't have a place to go, so he ran to the jungle… What comes next? We won't say anything more, because we don't want to spoil the magic of the story.
After couple of hours spent in the museum (during workshops for kids Mania made a fire breathing dragon, and helped big dragon looking for his lost scales) we knew for sure: our next journey will be special. Not only because it's our first journey as a foursome. And we always wanted to travel to Asia. It will be special mostly because to questions asked by Mania (why does dragon have scales? Why did emperor's son have sick eyes? Why it is not allowed to ride on an elephant?) we will finally get answers!

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