by Mario
This time we wanted it to be somewhere close. In the end, it was Jasiek’s first longer journey. We wanted there to be quiet, calm, preferably with no phone reception. The time only for our four, or five when you count Makaron, who we decided to take with us this time.
We were ponding about Warmia and Mazury. How many beautiful places you can see there! – we are already wondering where will we go next time. Eventually, we picked Podlasie and Biebrza National Park. Our spot, Zagroda Kuwasy, we digged out here.
When we arrived, it turned out that we got everything we were looking for. We were the only guests in Zagroda, it was supposed to get really crowded here on Easter, preventively we chose to come here two days earlier. Inhabitants of Kuwasy – incredibly friendly owners, dogs – Trampek and Fretka and few multicolor cats – they were accompanying us during meals, telling about history of the place and things we can see around it. What Marianka enjoyed the most was the opportunity to interact with cats (Makaron not so much), which few times ended with a quite surprise for her (cats scratch!). A lot of emotions as well where connected to horses and goats, which we were able to come and meet closer. Makaron was running crazy around the enclosure for goats, Mania was clearly overwhelmed with the size of a horse.
Biebrza Valley amused us mostly with total silence and the absolute lack of tourists in this time of the year. During our trip along the Red Marsh, we met only one family with kids and a couple, who – like us – were strolling slowly through these deserted forest paths. We spent all day lounging around, walking in the Park and playing with Kuwasy’s animals.
The next day was supposed to be similar – we were supposed to go and watch geese. But the day turned out completely different. In the evening Jasiek started to cough a little. It didn’t seem dangerous though, a light cough resembling sneeze. Doctors said that it was reaction to dry air in heated rooms – before we left home we preventively went to the doctor, considering Marinka was going through Bronchitis. That night the cough intensified. It worried us to the point where we decided to leave quickly.
The same day Jasiek was admitted to the hospital. Doctors thought it was the best option, regarding the age of our son. Luckily, the hospital was located in Maków Mazowiecki, where we arrived to spend the Easter in the house of Mario’s mother. It was comfortable for us, because Mania and Makaron has someone to take care of them.
The next week we spent in the hospital, taking turns with Mario taking care of ill Jaś. It was the longest week of our lifes. It was the toughest week as well. The kind of time, after which you feel like you are even more grown-up than you were before. That nothing will ever be the same. The terrifying fear of the Jaś’s health mixed with a strong concern of Mania, during that time we wanted her to feel even more loved and noticed than ever before.
What kind of people we are after this week? Certainly Mania formed with her father even stronger bond than before. Certainly mom has to learn how to cope with it, enjoying the new relationship, at the same time not neglecting hers, mother-daughter relationship. Certainly grandmother and great-grandmother felt how it is to have an active and full of energy two year old girl on a daily basis. And how it feels, when after those intensive moments of being together, this energetic girl has to leave, leaving behind happiness and some tears for the memories of it.
And Makaron seems to realize, that sometimes he has to be pushed into the background, for him to come back to the foreground from time to time.
We’ve never felt as strongly that we are together. Truly together.  For better and for worse.  I think it’s what is called Family.  The Family of travelers, although it’s not always us who choose where are we going.

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