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Weekend on bicycles

by Mario
Each our trip is an opportunity for a bit of fun and adventure. With each trip we appreciate more so called mirodaventures. Quick, spontaneous decision, we pack the kids and the dog into the car and go. Distance does not matter, because those our little trips are sometimes more interesting than the further ones. You do not have to fly across the world to spend time together. And by the way, learn something new about your toddlers.
This time we decided to spend weekend on bicycles. Mania has some experience of cycling  both ways in the bicycle baby seat, as well as in the trailer. For Jaś it was a debut. The first question raised  in parents heads is whether it will be safe for 5-months old child, who does not sits by itself to take him to trailer and hit the road. Ours doubts dispelled this article – enough is  just insert to trailer special "hammock", which ensure comfortable and safe travel.
Another problem that must be solved is the a trailer and hammock. We do not travel that much on bicycles to spend more than 1000€ on such a set. Especially, we do not know how it will work with Jas and Mania.
Advantage of living in big city is that we are able to borrow all necessary equipment. And if you are not sure that this kind of travelling suits for you and your family we recommend it to take this path. The cost is Warsaw is about 10€ per day.
Impressions? Very positive. We were pleasantly surprised that Jas did so well with the trip in the trailer. We have to admit frankly that we were worried about jouncing, because mostly we drove through the gravel and full of rocks roads. From time to time we controlled what was happening in the trailer and there was no signs of fell angry or uncomfortable. Sometimes Mania want to seat next to Jas and she took over control.
Now we also know what says  "bicycle" parents. Such kind of travel might integrate sibling. If you have the chance, try to take the kids to the microadventure. We certainly will repeat it again in not far future. Maybe even we go somewhere further? :-)

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