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10 things that surprised me in motherhood

by Karo

Of course, there are many more of these things than just ten. I could probably list a hundred. And every day, new surprises keep coming. One thing is certain: Motherhood is the biggest “development project” I’ve ever been a part of. It has given me more energy for life, more fatigue, and more new discoveries than anything else.

I wonder if you feel the same.

10 things that surprised me in motherhood

  1. Nights with a newborn can be so long. Yet the years with a child are so unfairly short.
  2. Children can produce so many sounds. Loud ones. Throughout the whole day and night.
  3. Children will argue and fight for their lives, only to play harmoniously a few minutes later, completely forgetting what just happened. Meanwhile, I’ll still be recovering, wondering, “WTF.”
  4. I’ll hear the word “MOM” a few hundred times a day, declined in various cases, most often in the vocative.
  5. The words “POOP,” “PEE,” “POOP,” and “TOILET” won’t faze me at all, even when uttered by children in the middle of a store, restaurant, or temple.
  1. I’ll be able to distinguish my child’s cry from other children’s cries effortlessly, even if there are dozens of children on the playground.
  2. Children can create so much mess. Nonstop. Constantly. Especially in a car that just cleaned to a shine a moment ago or in its own closet. Seriously, I still can’t get a handle on this.
  3. Children will always be hungry, especially 15 minutes after they’ve just eaten when we’ve just left the house. And we won’t have any food with us because, after all, we just had lunch.
  1. Going to the grocery store, the discount store, or just taking the dog for a walk will become a little celebration for me. By myself.
  2. And that when I go somewhere alone, I’ll look at pictures of my children on my phone before bedtime. Missing them the most in the world, and wondering how it’s possible to love someone (in my case, times three) so strongly, deeply, selflessly, with every cell of my body, and yet sometimes be so tired from that love.

Tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way ❥.

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