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by Mario
Day 3
We woke up before sunrise (even we had to wake up Mania!) because we start today, with Abraham Tours, tour to the north of Israel. From Jerusalem we headed back to the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, to city built by King Herod Caesarea. The city was named after the famous Roman Emperor and in back days it was one of the most important harbour in the region. In general Herod has left its marks in many place in Israel. Wherever you go, on his initiative and command something was built. He also spilled a lot of blood at the same time.
But returning to the ruins of the port of Caesarea. To appreciate them, you have to have a big imagination :-). In addition to the wonderfully preserved amphitheater, to watch there is nothing  much. For slow strolling around one hour will be enough (unless someone – unlike us – has an  archaeological craze , then surely may spend a whole day!).
For us, Caesarea will primarily be associated with the first independent Marianna’s sightseeing. In this place our daughter began a new phase in her small and big travels. Mostly it was in the opposite direction than chosen by her parents :-), but still we were so pride. Mania had been choosing what she wants to watch, on which ledge to climb up for a better view, or which shell she should pick and take as a souvenir. A nice “addition” to our trip was also our amazing driver-guide – warm, smiling, friendly, but sometimes a little snappy, Alon Kruger. Alon if you read this thanks for a great time!
To Nazareth, our base camp for the northern region of Israel, we arrived after 1 pm. We had the impression that the town is completely deserted and the old town itself had stopped bustling long ago. However, we wers not sad much dur this fact. First of all, because we had been acommodated in amazing nineteenth-century hostel Fauzi Azar Inn, hidden in the narrow cobbled streets on the hill. Beautiful, mysterious building, like from the Tales of the Thousand and One Nights, with frescoed ceilings, huge windows and Ottoman courtyard make really great impression.
With one of the employee of the hostel we went to a little different than usual free tour of the city. Different, because Amir showed us the part of Nazareth, which you will not find in guidebooks. We remember for a long time located in the basement, like straight from the Middle Ages, the shop with herbs, spices, nuts, dried fruit, coffee, tea and kitchenware, which is located in place where used to be a steam mill. Various flavors, colors which probably only exist in students of art and painting minds :-). Mania did not know what more she want to try: the colorful chickpeas or maybe roasted green peas, nuts and finally zatar – Israeli original mix of spices. She tried everything, of course :-).

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