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Few words about dreams

by Mario
Have you got often that feeling when you dream about sth, you do evertyhing you can to come it ture?! We have few such a small dreams  and in dribs and drabs we try to achive them. We do this to not forget what is important in our life – we, our children and that fact that we are togheter.
First we terribly fire up, we want to come it true in a moment, fast, now. Then mostly cold water, in the form of all sorts of constraints: lack of money, time or possibilty to get off from work, clears our heads.
Next we start to discuss and try to figure out how to come it true. So it was with this our little dream. A lot of sacrifices, in the end, we did it! Found, tested and then after hesitating whether we can afford  or realy need it?! Ultimately, Karolina’s argument make certain  that this will be the best move for our children ever, and we hope one day they will tell their children about how wonderful it was to travel the world.
Here is it – our little dream. Get to know each other!

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