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by Mario
So far, Iceland pampered us. But the world does not tolerate the imbalance. This day has come, a day that can easily be called as the worst day of the whole stay in Iceland. From the early morning the things did not went well. The pelting rain in the windows of our room woke up us. When I went out to buy something for breakfast (we left the day before all the stocks in Aukreyri) I found out that the only store “in the city” is open from 11 a.m. and unfortunately my watch showed 9:30 :-(.
Before we ate breakfast and set off a journey, it was already almost 12 o’clock. We had no particular plan where we’re going and what we want to see along the way. We only knew that we are heading towards the western fjords. Finally, we drove over 280km, on winding roads with dully views. Yes, you read it correctly – the dully views. Maybe after a week our expectations as to what we see in front of us significantly increased , but the area wasn’t to interesting. We drove away from the coast. Suddenly it become quite flat and additionally it was gray of the day and a drizzle outside the window. Tired of continuous seating in the car we got to the village of Holmavik.
Tempted by the improving weather we initially thought of a tent. Soon, however, the idea has gone into oblivion. The camping was closed, we mean it was opened, but there were no active bathrooms, water, showers (You have to pay about ~ 10 € per person). Just like that 80 zł for a piece of the land. The only guesthouse in the town is Finn’s Hotel, but the price for a room of about 60 € forced us again to look through the guide and to search for alternatives, but first we had to eat something :-).
It was a really pleasant surprise. We sat in Sorcery Cafe. We both ate a delicious fish with a brown bread (similar to pumpernickel). Mania from everything that was on the table choose this bread. That was what we needed – a hot meal and a moment of peace out of the car.
This long day ended up finally 15 km from Hölmaviku, in a house called Kirkjubol, where once again while renting one room, we had at our disposal the whole house. This is the charm of traveling before the season. Let tomorrow be better. It must be – after all we are entering the western fjords!

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