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Koh Talabeng – kayaking, caves, and secret paradise beaches

by Mario

Kayaking to Koh Talabeng is a great idea for a one-day trip from Koh Lanta, whether you’re travelling with kids or a group of friends. It has everything you need – caves, secret paradise beaches, unique mangrove forests, and a peaceful atmosphere.

So, how can you organize this fantastic adventure? How much does it cost? And when is the best time to set sail? Keep reading, and I’ll tell you all about it.


About Koh Talabeng – A Rocky Island on the East Side of Koh Lanta

Koh Talabeng is a small limestone island, similar to Ko Phi Phi Le, located on the east side of Lanta Noi. It’s actually a petite 8-meter-tall tree-covered mountain, consisting of small beaches and caves that reveal themselves during low tide. You can usually spot large predatory birds, swallows, and, as is quite common in Southeast Asia, plenty of monkeys.


How to Organize a Trip to Koh Talabeng?

Trips to Koh Talabeng start from the pier on the east side of Lanta Yai, in the village of Thung Yee Peng. It’s the same pier from which we embarked on a mangrove forest excursion, which we highly recommend. You can book the trip at the pier’s ticket counter or choose one of the many local Thai travel agencies available on the island. There are various options to choose from – shorter trips, longer trips, with or without lunch.

We decided to spend almost the entire day on the trip, so we opted for a longer tour that included transportation from our accommodation, lunch on the island, and relaxation in the crystal-clear waters. We started at around 8:30 am and finished around 4:00 pm.


Our Trip Experience to Koh Talabeng

To reach Koh Talabeng, we hopped on a longtail boat that had kayaks on board. After about 30 minutes, we arrived near the imposing rocks emerging from the water, where we switched to the kayaks. The kayaking adventure lasted for about an hour to an hour and a half, so even young children should be able to handle the physical effort without any issues.

And let me tell you, it was an amazing experience! First, there was some paddling alongside the gigantic rocks peeking out of the water. Then we ventured between the cliffs, witnessing a breathtaking interplay of light and shadows, with colours resembling a rainbow. It looked absolutely mesmerizing!

And the icing on the cake: the caves in Koh Talabeng!

We were fortunate enough to arrive during high tide, allowing us to kayak directly into the heart of the cave. Inside, we encountered wonders: massive stalactites hanging almost to the water’s surface, various rock formations, and complete silence. We were truly awestruck.

After spending some time exploring the cave, we paddled to a tiny hidden beach inside Koh Talabeng. The kayaks were packed onto a boat, fresh fruits were served, and after observing the playful monkey families, we continued our journey.

Our last stop was Bubu Iceland, a small paradise island with a few bungalows and a restaurant. There, we enjoyed lunch and spent around 2 hours either playing with our kids in the water or lounging on the beach.

The return journey through the mangrove forests to the Thung Yee Peng pier took about an hour.


How Much Does the Trip to Koh Talabeng Cost?

For a trip with 3 adults (greetings to Fran!) and 3 children, we paid 4,000 baht. The price included transportation from our accommodation, a longtail boat, 3 kayaks, fresh fruits and water on the boat, and lunch on the island (rice with chicken, vegetables in soy sauce, extra portions of rice, cucumber salad).

It was absolutely stunning!

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