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by Mario
Day 3
We already know what is the worst thing after a night spent in a tent in a warm sleeping bag – this is when outside is about 2 Celsius degrees and you are getting up :-). Of course Mania did not give us too much choice, because immediately after she opened her eyes she began to take cosmetics out of bags.
Quick shower, fold a tent, prepare a semolina pudding for breakfast (the first meal cooked on our stove) and we hit the road. Well, we almost take the road. It struck me something that I should start the car, which to my surprise, did not start. Everything indicated that the battery has run out. The problem was bigger, because Honda has an automatic gearbox (it is not allowed to push the car), and Skógar basically is a town with a hotel and five houses. Despite everything I went out looking for cables. Success! After several minutes of fighting the engine started.
It is amazing that on the Iceland 90% of the people who live here speak conversational English, so if you have a problem / request basically almost everyone has an ability, if not to help you than at least lend an ear to you.
In keeping with what we have set yesterday, today we are going to spend a day between two glaciers – Eyjafjallajökull and its larger cousin Mýrdalsjökull. The entire trek is 23 km long and ends at the shelter. We knew that we would not be able to go entire distance and go back. Besides, nobody does. We agreed at the beginning that we go for 3h and then we will return. The weather wasn’t encouraging for a long hike. Additionally, during the approach it has started to snow. We passed by :-) the organized group of people who were going out to the shelter. They were lost in admiration that we are ahead of them with a child. This time I was carrying Mania on my back, but the sway do not let her to enjoy the views. She slept the whole approach, and even part of the descent. In Iceland every place worth seeing is clearly marked. Therefore, without the least difficulty we get to the shingle beach Reynisfjara. If you know the series Game of Thrones, we think that’s where the scenographer drew inspiration for the eponymous throne. Take a look at the pictures yourselves. We ourselves could not believe what we see. All this looked like from another planet. Of course, Mania was over the moon, but not because of the views but just by the fact to be on the beach. There are so many stones that you can taste :-).  These stones were outstanding also by the fact that wind and water made them perfectly smooth. A wonderful end of the day.
The day was really intense, both in terms of excitement as well as physically and we still had to drive a car to the only major city nearby – Kirkjubaejarklaustur. We arrived at the camp around 8 p.m. Believe us, we had absolutely no desire to set up the tent, especially as it was 0 degrees. After a soft bargain we got a cottage with a bathroom outside for 7000 ISK ~ 45 euros. The decision to overnight in a warm room was the best we could take. At night felt about 20 cm of snow :-).

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