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What is most important

by Mario
Sometimes I forget. And I don’t mean an e-mail from work I didn’t send or a phone bill I didn’t pay. I often forget, that I have a beautiful life. That greatest people in the world surround me. People who want what’s best for me. Just like that.
I forget that the most important thing in life is love. Something that had become an empty phrase, suddenly starts to make sense, when you  start to understand it.
I forget, that only from feeling a boundless trust and a closeness with another man, the most beautiful things are born. That due to the fact that I’m loved and I love, I am truly capable of everything.
I forget to thank for it all. Thank my husband, kids, parents, grandmother, friends, dog, myself at last.
I forget that sometimes an evening message, a postcard from travel or a tea meeting in town is enough. A few sentences exchanged on the run, between one „superimportant” thing and another. It’s funny, that as years past, what we remember most are those little, „meaningless” meeting with other human, not the reasons we had to finish them earlier. Superimportant matters cease to be so important, e-mails and deadlines cover in dust, and we come back to this one thing: to the time spend together with people that are important to us.
It’s good to sometimes remind ourselves about it. 
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